Exercise is The Fountain of Youth!

I strongly believe in "Regular Exercise," is as important as eating & sleeping, in order to live a "Quality Healthy Life In Order To Thrive!!!"

About me!

My name is Lucy, and here’s my story.

After a long recovery from an illness through exercise.  I decided even if it was  later in my life, I wanted to help people in their 50’s and beyond crowd in the same way I helped myself.  So, I became a “Certified Trainer.”

My Client Evaluation

Is extensive, according to their current health, and physical abilities. I’ll design a personal exercise plan and weight-loss suggestions.

Physcial Evaluation

Each client’s physical evaluation for weight, and body fat percentage measurements will be calculated for suggested amount of calories, fat and protein intake for weight-loss.

Contact me

Give me a call and let’s have a conversation about getting you started to a healthier you!
@ 626-723-5864